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3D Interior Rendering Technology Has Even Skeptical Directors Embracing Another Dimension


Six years ago, 3D cinema seemed about as likely a candidate for a revival as Odorama. Today it owns the multiplex. After swiftly dominating CG animated features, it gained toe-holds in horror, action and concert films, achieving inarguable momentum even before the success of Avatar.

Now – objectionable as it might be to refuseniks such as Walter March, Roger Ebert or Mark Kermode – it is the default form for major studio franchises. From Transformers 3 to Pirates 4, Green Lantern to Thor, the Harry Potter climax to the Spider-Man reboot, almost any picture aiming to dominate the box office is now filmed stereoscopically. Big deal, you might think. Popcorn fodder will always latch on to sensational fads. But something else is going on, too. Whether through passion or contingency, increasing numbers of serious directors with critical credibility are embracing 3D for their own ends.

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Perhaps Baz Luhrmann thinks the same of the jazz age – that might explain his decision to use 3D for his adaptation of The Great Gatsby, a story heavier on conversation and decor than spectacle or action, though its party scenes must also appeal to the expressive director of Moulin Rouge. Of course, plenty of other big-name directors are unashamedly embracing 3D's potential for fantasy spectacle. Special attention is being paid to the way it can combine with computer-generated environments navigable in three dimensions that would normally be unavailable to a film crew, such as aquatic or mid-air settings.

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